Friday, January 29, 2016

Is Vietnam The Best Destination For Expats?

Is Vietnam The Best Destination For Expats? Vietnam is quickly becoming a popular destination for tourists and Expats. Expatriates like travelling to south east Asia for the cheap cost of living in Vietnam, and possibly for better opportunities. Vietnam is well known for it's amazing food, culture, and low cost of living. I am planning on moving to Vietnam for a while, to see what living in Vietnam as an Expat is like. I also want to travel to other parts of Asia, so I want to make this channel about other places to travel as well. I do not want to limit myself, or this channel to Vietnam content only, but more of a wider spectrum of Expat information and ideas on other popular Asia travelling destinations. I will produce more videos in the future and on more topics, so feel free to Subscribe to this channel. Expat living in Vietnam is quickly becoming a more popular topics these days, and for good reason. cost of living in Vietnam. Vietnam cost of living for expats can be quit low, this is a really good incentive for expatriates. food cost in Vietnam is also low, meaning you can eat really well. I was thinking about travelling to Hanoi next summer, and become a hanoi expat. This place sounds interesting to me, and it seems to be very popular among other expats. life in vietnam what is this life like for Expat? I intend to find out and report all findings on my channel and blog. I want to see first hand how expats can live in Vietnam, and will talk about the pros and cons.

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