Friday, January 29, 2016

Is Vietnam The Best Destination For Expats?

Is Vietnam The Best Destination For Expats? Vietnam is quickly becoming a popular destination for tourists and Expats. Expatriates like travelling to south east Asia for the cheap cost of living in Vietnam, and possibly for better opportunities. Vietnam is well known for it's amazing food, culture, and low cost of living. I am planning on moving to Vietnam for a while, to see what living in Vietnam as an Expat is like. I also want to travel to other parts of Asia, so I want to make this channel about other places to travel as well. I do not want to limit myself, or this channel to Vietnam content only, but more of a wider spectrum of Expat information and ideas on other popular Asia travelling destinations. I will produce more videos in the future and on more topics, so feel free to Subscribe to this channel. Expat living in Vietnam is quickly becoming a more popular topics these days, and for good reason. cost of living in Vietnam. Vietnam cost of living for expats can be quit low, this is a really good incentive for expatriates. food cost in Vietnam is also low, meaning you can eat really well. I was thinking about travelling to Hanoi next summer, and become a hanoi expat. This place sounds interesting to me, and it seems to be very popular among other expats. life in vietnam what is this life like for Expat? I intend to find out and report all findings on my channel and blog. I want to see first hand how expats can live in Vietnam, and will talk about the pros and cons.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

I Want To Be In VN Vietnam

I Want To Be In Vietnam


I Want To Be In Vietnam

This is my new page on travelling and Living in Vietnam.
I also go over ways for Expats to make money living abroad.

This is my awesome Youtube channel

I have many videos that go into more details about making money Online
as an expatriate, so feel free to subscribe to my channel.

I just bought a new headset for recording, which sounds a lot better than my last one. I may have to display it on the next video, so stick around and Subscribe.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Valuable Tools For Expats Living Abroad Part 1

Valuable Tools For Expats Living Abroad Part 1 Don't forget to give this video a Thumbs Up and Subscribe to this channel for more updates. Follow me on Twitter: #Expats #Expat #Vietnam #expatriate #living #toolkit #explorer via I want to be in Vietnam

Expat In Vietnam Blog And Youtube Channel

 Expat In Vietnam Blog And Youtube Channel

Expat In Vietnam Blog And Youtube Channel.

Hello, I just want to make this post here, to let everyone know about my Expat Vietnam Youtube Channel, Feel free to Subscribe.

I will be posting updates on my channel as soon as I can. I will be talking about
how Expats living in Vietnam can make make money Online, and it's not even hard once you know a few simple things.

I may also do a few more advanced videos showing some automation processes to help distribute your content to more sites Online, while using a lot less of your free time. This will save you hundreds of hours of your time, over a longer period.

Thanks for checking out my Blog. I hope you enjoy your stay and check out my youtube channel.

I want to be in VN

I want to be in VN

Hello, Thanks for checking out my Vietnam Expat Blog. I just wanted to post my twitter account, so that people may follow me.

I will be posting more videos soon. Stay tuned and Subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos, And follow me on twitter.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Vietnam Expat Jobs

Vietnam Expat Jobs

Expat Jobs In Vietnam

There are many options for Expat Jobs In Vietnam.

Vietnam Expat jobs could include any jobs that utilize your skills, and/or knowledge. You could easily teach English and make money.

You could become a content Producer, and have a personal Expat Blog.

You could have a youtube channel, and talk about your personal experiences in a foreign country. You can post the video links in any vietnam expat forum. Make sure to talk about expat life in vietnam. There are many forums out there, so make sure to post your links on any related expat vietnam forum.

In the video below, I go over a few options for Expats to earn a living in Vietnam.

Expats can also enjoy an more easier life, if they are able to earn enough passive income each month. Video editing skills can also help and gain more shares.

 I have another video that goes over the same subject.
Expat Jobs In Vietnam:

Thank you for checking out my page, Enjoy your stay.

Monday, January 18, 2016

A Soon To Be Expat Moving to Vietnam

 A Soon To Be Expat Moving to Vietnam

There are more people wanting to move to Vietnam, and become Expats.
Every year more Expats are travelling to Vietnam, it is a great place to visis
for an Expatriate.

Vietnam Expats can enjoy the cheap cost of living in Vietnam, and
the amazing traditional food. You will be able to eat many different
dishes, which you didn't have the option before.

If you are thinking about Moving to Vietnam, check out this video.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Free WebSites Hosted On The Cloud

Free WebSites Hosted On The Cloud

The best part about having a website hosted on the cloud is that your site will have 24/7 uptime, You NEVER have to worry about server down time with this cloud hosted website. Hosting sites on your dropbox account is easy and very effective. 

You can even add new posts to your site, on the go, and from your Android or Iphone by simple syncing dropbox to your phone. You can edit the files and speak into your android smart phone and google will type everything you say, which can be used to edit your free site. This is an incredible tool if you are ever stuck at the airport and want to edit your website. You can even update your site on the go for your family to check up on you. If you are travelling, you don't want to have to call everyone and update them all individually, just update your site on the go and it's done. Give them the address before you leave and you're good.