Saturday, January 9, 2016

Free WebSites Hosted On The Cloud

Free WebSites Hosted On The Cloud

The best part about having a website hosted on the cloud is that your site will have 24/7 uptime, You NEVER have to worry about server down time with this cloud hosted website. Hosting sites on your dropbox account is easy and very effective. 

You can even add new posts to your site, on the go, and from your Android or Iphone by simple syncing dropbox to your phone. You can edit the files and speak into your android smart phone and google will type everything you say, which can be used to edit your free site. This is an incredible tool if you are ever stuck at the airport and want to edit your website. You can even update your site on the go for your family to check up on you. If you are travelling, you don't want to have to call everyone and update them all individually, just update your site on the go and it's done. Give them the address before you leave and you're good.

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